Advantages of Solar Energy

May 23, 2020Consulting, Environment, Solar0 comments

Going solar shows that you care for the environment, about saving money and that you are self-sufficient from utility companies. It is necessary to research the advantages when considering purchasing solar. There are endless possibilities solar will provide to ensure you have a better future.


  1. Solar energy is renewable energy. It is easy to have a high carbon footprint in this world. Renewable Energy is better for the planet and for your utility bill. But what does renewable energy really mean? This means that the energy comes from a source that is collected from renewable sources such as wind or the sun. Renewable energy is both cost and energy-efficient. The goal of energy efficiency is to lower the cost and use of the energy produced by appliances. Ultimately, the goal of being energy efficient is to use little energy for the same amount of energy produced. So that the production cost for solar energy is essentially free.
  2. Impact on the environment. Going solar can help you reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your dependency on fossil fuels. Every person who switches to renewable energy is helping make the world a better place for the future. A study done by Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL) predicts that 80 percent of U.S electricity usage will reduce the countries carbon footprint by 81 percent. Your individual carbon footprint could be lowered by 3,000 pounds!
  3. Economic savings. Most solar installations can pay for itself within seven to ten years. Solar is an investment to lower your utility bills and increase the value of your home without having to add to property taxes.
  4. Solar3x has fast installation times. As compared to a multitude of other companies, Solar3x has fast install times. The average is 45 days or less. So, when you are deciding to go solar, ask the solar contractor their install times. This could equate to you paying a couple of extra months of energy when you don’t need to.

The best option for knowing the advantages of solar is to talk to a consultant to help you discover all that solar energy has to offer. We will be honest about the advantages of purchasing solar and communicate what to expect during the process. Solar3x offers free energy estimates to see if your home qualifies for solar. Fill out our form or call us at  (346) 275-3017