Battery Backup System – How Does it Work?

May 21, 2020Solar0 comments

Imagine one day your neighborhood has a power outage. All your neighbors have their lights out, while yours are still on because of the Tesla Powerwall 2. It is difficult enough during a power outage to try to worry about the duration of the outage or food spoiling in your fridge. That is where the backup battery comes in. In the situation of a power outage, your Battery Backup System recognizes when there is an outage and turns on to ensure that your power will keep running. You will never have to worry about your power again. When combined with solar, this battery can power your home for seven days or longer.

When considering getting a backup battery system for your home, the best option is to talk to a consultant that can help you decide if your home is eligible. Solar3x offers free, no-obligation energy estimates to see. Fill out our form or call us at  (346) 275-3017.