How quick will my panels be installed after i get set up?

The average start to finish time is around 6-8 weeks depending on the area you live and the system we design for you.

What financing programs does Infinity offer?

We at Solar3x offer a variety of financing options available to meet your specific needs! We offer PPA, Leases, county financing, bank loans, and internal financing just to name a few.

What if i move?

When you move the new homeowners can take over the payments on the solar, you can take the system with you, or you can pay off the remaining balance so the electricity would be free for the next homeowner. A solar system can increase the value of your home by

what happens if my panels get damaged?

If it is a manufacture defect you will be covered under your manufacture warranty. Damage caused by acts of God such as a tree falling on your roof will be covered under homeowners insurance. Solar3x also provides a minimum 10 labor warranty on all of its systems.

Why should i install solar?

Go green and save green! Besides helping the environment, going solar will protect you from the ever increasing costs of your public utility. Call us today at 346-275-3017 to see how much money you can save by going solar.

What is a battery storage system?

A battery storage system helps store extra power to use during outages or high peak usage times with your utility company.

What would happen if there is a power outage?

The battery will identify the power outage from your utility company. Your lights and appliances will continue to run.


The short answer is no. The battery is a storage system and can be used without solar. However, to maximize your energy storage systems full potential, we recommend getting solar to extend the time your battery can last during an outage.